This question has been pressed on the NCAA numerous times and NCAA president does not seem to be budging any time soon. But with times changing and athletes doing more nowadays it doesn’t look like athletes not getting paid will be a forever issue. The debt has always been that college athletes do too much to have time to do anything else and along with that, they are not allowed to have part time jobs when in season. So how do these kids ever get play money? They don’t. The agreement is that the athlete will be paid in “education value”. To some kids this value can have the price tag of about $50,000, if not more. Their pay comes in the form of tuition, meals, room and board, and travel. But the counter argument is that the athletes leave with $100,000 in education, but $120.000 in injury. Also, when athletes are cut from the team caused by injury, his whole scholarship is taken and with no extra money saved up, the student is forced to leave school.

The argument seems to only be argued black and white, but what if there was a compromised? What if athletes received some type of medical benefits that they could encounter once honorably “discharged” from the team? What is they got something in return that wasn’t of exact cash value, but would help them later on?,9171,2151167,00.html#ixzz2fkwyfq8S