That’s right, this girl is! Last year I got the opportunity to travel to Italy with a great group of Gardner-Webb students and this year I plan on doing the same. I walked the streets of Rome, Florence, Assisi, and Perugia and now I cannot wait until I get to walk the streets of Dublin, Ireland! Originally when I received the message regarding the trip I was a little set back on the course that was going to be offered. The course was going to be based off the political science department and the class was going to be on how to make peace amongst countries. Well me being a person for peace and hope to one day to work for an NGO and help bring peace within other countries was all for this course, but unfortunately it changed at last minute. Now I am gong to Ireland and going to be learning about Celtic Christianity. Though this is not anything like the course I was on intending to take, I look forward to attending and experiencing Ireland first hand!