Today is the Miss Illinois pageant! Though I am not a contestant and may never be a contestant, I get excited about this event every year. Many may think that pageant queens are just a bunch of girls with nice faces competing to see who is the most beautiful, but it is more than that. When you win a title such as “Miss Illinois” or “Miss USA” you have the opportunity to influence millions of girls. Along with that, your title grants you the chance to work with different organizations and help others.

Many people think that being a pageant girl is easy because all they have to do is walk around and look pretty, but it is actually quite difficult. Girls train for months, if not years, to compete for titles such as these and to make sure they are the best they can be. Competition requires determination, self-discipline and a great attitude. Unlike some events where people can get away with over competitive attitudes and self-centeredness, pageant judges are seeking a girl who is genuine, modest, and humble. They are seeking women who demonstrate lifestyles of genuine inner beauty.


this is my friend, Alex Plotz, winning Miss Teen Illinois 2012 our senior year of high school

and the new Miss Illinois USA