What a wonderful time of the year! Family, friends, food, and most importantly no school! After going through hell last week I think this break came at the most perfect time.

Family tradition has it where all of the women in the family cook and bring food platters over to the chosen home of gathering, well this year I decided I would make a contribution too. After pining more than enough recipes on Pinterest, I finally narrowed my options down to two: cinnamon pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin cheesecake. Due to the fact that 60% of my family hates cheesecake I thought it would only be appropriate to solei make cinnamon pumpkin cupcakes. After slaving away in the kitchen trying to make them they were finally done. One bite, and they were terrible. I learned quickly that God didn’t make me to be a baker, I think I should just stick to eating others food.