This summer I had the gift to feel and meet God for myself. For the first time in my life I experienced His love and mercy and fell in love with my faith.

I usually don’t get homesick, but this year I have really missed being with my family. Since it is impossible to go home every weekend like a majority of Gardner-Webb students I have found a new home… Church. All throughout my life I have been raised in catholic churches, schools, and organizations. I never cared too much for their old traditions and rituals; I actually found them quite boring and repetitive. Well, those old traditions are actually what helped me get through this summer aboard and are now helping me get through these lonesome weeks. Its’ amazing how much a one church service can make you feel like you are home, like you are apart of a family. I can not be anymore thankful for my catholic faith background.

the only thing i remember about the location of the church that i found God in is that it was in Rome, Italy and that there was this restaurant right next to it.


the only photo taken that day